about us

our mission

During the 2020 COVID-19 period we have seen a lot of profitable companies struggling or in some cases losing ground for good. This situation might not be any different with nonprofit organizations. We would like to offer our services for free for nonprofit organizations in order to ease their situation and help them to adapt to this special period.

who we are

We are IT professionals from different fields, with different backgrounds and experience.

our services

  • digital security consultancy
  • digital workplace consultancy
  • software/hardware acquisition optimization


We offer our services for free for nonprofit organizations or clubs. Momentarily we can only offer our services for organizations located in Berlin, Germany and only in English language.

how to contact us

Please send an email to the dfc(at)tillseemann.com with a short introduction and with a short summary of your issues. Please do not send any detailed information of your IT systems in your first contact email.


We are happy to work with you and help you with our advices however we cannot offer implementation or long term support of your tools. We are using our free time for this consultancy while having full time jobs. This means we can only take a limited amount of work at a time.